An Effective Manual On How To Do A Research Paper

The paper you are going to write should follow a proper strategy and a plan. For this purpose you can draw an outline. Try to put all collected information in the plots by identifying their positions. Like, what thing should be placed in introduction and where should one put the facts and what information should the concluding paragraph have?

Always start with a rough sketch

The paper does not only require research and knowledge but also a proper format and an organized and planned work. If you want to get A+ in your paper, then you must develop a positive attitude towards it. When you will say it to yourself that you can do it, then you would surely achieve your goals.

When you have made up your mind, you already have started your paper. You could now move to this strategy. Follow these steps and you will create an outstanding paper.

Selection of the topic

It is very necessary to select the topic according to the target audience and your interest. When you do not have any interest in the topic, then you should not select it.

Collect information

After the selection of the topic, next step is to gather information relevant to your topic. You can collect information from the web and other sources.

Write a thesis statement

Thesis statement holds a very strong position in your paper. The reason of writing your paper is your statement. Your statement should be very precise and should summarize your entire paper.

Draw an outline

Outline is the helpline for you. It takes you to the right direction. You must follow the right direction. This is the basic structure of your document. Your paper should start from an introduction that contains a thesis statement, then you should work on the body and the last paragraph should be your conclusion.

Always start from a rough draft

Whatever comes to your mind, write it down. You can place the things in order later. Do not miss any point. Whatever you find relevant, just write it on the paper. You can organize these points later.

Keep on editing your draft and the outline

Editing helps you polishing your paper. This will be very helpful. This way, you will come to know what things you want to keep and what things you want to eliminate.


Match your paper with the checklist. You can add the format and instructions in your list. Make sure the paper is according to your teacher’s instructions and the checklist.

Final draft

Now it is time to do my paper.

Spelling errors

To avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes, one should download a spelling checker app. This app will help you in highlighting your mistakes and you will get a chance to correct your mistakes before submission.

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