How To Select A Good Term Paper Topic: Tutorial And Examples

Using brainstorming methods to help you think of the best ideas

When you need to think of a good topic for your term paper, then it can be useful to use a variety of brainstorming methods. One such method that many students liked use is the spider diagram method. Essentially, you write a category down on a piece of paper, and then link as many subcategories to that idea as possible. Once you have all these ideas down on paper, it can help to inspire a title for your piece of work. Whichever method you choose to use, it is advisable to try and write down as many ideas as you have. By writing them down and reading back over them it can help to inspire other ideas that you may not have first thought of, so even if the ideas don’t seem so great at the time, be sure not to leave out as they can be useful later.

Taking inspiration from papers that other people have written

A quick search of the Internet will reveal many websites offering prewritten papers that you can look at. Whilst many people may choose to try and copy them, this can put them at risk of being accused of plagiarism. However, they can still be a good source of inspiration in order to help you think of your own title.

Opt for a topic that you think you will be able to write to the best of your ability

When choosing a topic to write about, it is a good idea to be certain that you will be to write about it effectively. This includes being out to do effective research, as well as simply picking a title that you are going to enjoy writing about.

A list of term paper topic examples from that can help to spark ideas of your own

  • Genetically engineered food is the way forward
  • The United States should refuse to trade with any country that it accuses of promoting terrorism
  • School bullies should be sent to juvenile correctional facilities
  • Couples should be made to live together for at least one year before being allowed to get married
  • Society’s attitude towards alcohol and drug addiction needs to change to help addicts get better
  • Students should be taught basic survival skills at school
  • Students should be taught how to cook healthy food on a budget
  • Hand writing skills have decreased since the rise of computers
  • Text messaging is beneficial for literacy in young people

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